Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Sappy Sestina

I'm attempting to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. This one is yesterday's poem I just forgot to post it last night.

It’s been years but do you remember?
The unfinished bar walls and country music,
the tequila on your breath.
We danced alone around the pool
table. It was so fun and easy
and you whispered “I want to kiss

you.” Oh! That kiss! That kiss
that changed it all. Do you remember
how your fingers slipped with ease
into mine? The jukebox music
and the clack of balls on the pool
table. My heart pounded, my breath

caught in my throat. “Just breathe”
I reminded myself. That tumultuous kiss,
your drunken stumble against the pool
player. I wondered if you would remember
or if it would be a drunken fog of music
and tequila. I marveled at the ease

with which you stole my heart. How easily
you reached into my chest and halted my breath.
Everything changed. Movies, music
books, every time Romeo kissed
Juliet, Rhett kissed Scarlett, I remember
that night. I was lost in the pools

of your ebony eyes. Drowning in a pool
of angst and emotion. It’s still so easy
for me to remember falling, remember
the smile on your lips, tequila on your breath,
your hair down your back, and the kiss
that would change everything. The music

made us move. We accused the music
of starting it all. While people played pool
unaware of the cataclysmic kiss
occurring nearby. Unaware of how easily
you were changing my life. “Just breathe”
I would tell myself every time I remembered

that kiss. How easily I am lost
when I remember that world
of pool and music. “Just breathe.

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