Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Week Later...

I've been busy!

I'm in the process of deciding which school I will be attending next fall. I really like the school I am at, but I can't get my four year degree here so I'll be transfering sooner or later anyway. The debate is do I do it sooner... or later?

I've also, through this process thought a lot about what my career goals are. I'm still really undecided on that. I love the job of a freelance journalist, but I hate the uncertainty. Ever since I was little and Burger King released a series of Ninja Turtle videos I have loved April. Same with watching Superman as a kid. I didn't care so much about the bad guys and the heroes, I cared about those awesome staff journalists and newscasters who always got to be in the heat of the drama and had the important job of telling the world about it. (If the Turtles hadn't been named after artists I wouldn't have a clue what their names are.) As anyone who is on my Twitter and Facebook knows, I get pretty caught up in the big news stories. I have been known to request the day off on the day of a big election so that I could sit in front of my television all day. But that is one of many passions and I'm not sure which direction I really want to aim myself in.

As a kid I wanted to be an English teacher. As a teen I wanted to run a daycare. I love animals. I love photography. I love art. I love the work I do now with blind children and children with autism. Life is too short for so many passions.

I need to write a 250-word essay about my career goals for the school I'm thinking of transfering to and I can't really seem to figure out what those goals are. I know what I enjoy but most of the things I enjoy aren't really high-paying things, and though I hate it, money is important.

At this point I'm still sticking with a degree in English, with a focus on writing and I guess we'll see where that takes me...

I have a list of blog topics just waiting for me to have time to write them so I promise my next post will be better...

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