Saturday, February 12, 2011


There is a lesson to learn from the Egyptian people. A lesson in pride. They weren't happy with the way their country was being run so they took action.

There are so many spectacular photos that have come out of Egypt in the last few weeks. Photos of the pain and death that has occurred, there have been photos of Egyptians smiling and kissing soldiers, photos of fires and tear gas containers and some incredible photos of thousands of people praying in the streets together. Today there were some photos that really struck me. One in particular was on NPR’s site. A photo of a little girl, maybe ten years old, in pink shorts with her hair pulled back by a bandanna and a broom in her hand. Helping her fellow citizens clean up after themselves and repair their country.

These protesters spent eighteen days in the streets. They involved themselves in a political system that had rejected them. And now they are cleaning up the mess they made. They are taking responsibility for the condition of their country and cleaning up what is within their power to clean.

There have definitely been some low points during these protests, some frightening, violent moments. But these people have held onto an amazing pride throughout. Pride in themselves, their power, their country. Can Americans learn this lesson from them? Could we, as Americans, feel pride like that?

It’s no secret that Americans are not seen in a positive light by the rest of the world. There is a lack of pride in this country and it is allowing us to become obese, uneducated and irresponsible. Is it too late to change that image?

Can we use the power we have as members of a democracy to make our country something we are proud of? It is time to take responsibility. Responsibility for our carbon imprint, our education, our health, our democratic process, our country. Our lives.

Let’s do something we are proud of.

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