Thursday, November 9, 2017

Podcasts for the Resistance

This week marks one year since The Election. For those of us completely opposed to the prejudice, vitriol and racism being spewed on a certain twitter feed, it can be difficult to find balance in staying informed while keeping our mental health intact. Today, a few podcasts that have become extremely important to me as a part of The Resistance.

bitch media's Backtalk & Popaganda
This ever-amazing podcast talks about everything pop culture, politics, and the ways the two keep criss-crossing in America these days. They aren’t afraid to cover all the topics we need to hear. Also, Amy Tan’s growl-scream of frustration on nearly every episode is just as cathartic for the listener as I imagine it is for her.

NPR Politics
This podcast is my go to for calm, rational evaluation of current US politics. It’s a twice a week podcast (occasionally more if big things are happening) that gives a good overview of American politics and where we are. The journalists on this podcast know politics, they understand the nuance and complications behind the American Experiment and will give you multiple viewpoints into our world.

Joshua Johnson is hanging out over on NPR having some powerful conversations. Everything from first amendment rights to the risks of capitalism to the story of human genes and what it says about racism. This show makes an effort to include diverse guests and cover a wide range of topics.

Code Switch
Okay, so perhaps it appears as though NPR is my go to for all things resistance. Well, there’s a reason for that. They have so much programming that is undeniably good, and Code Switch is definitely among those shows. Everything you ever wanted to understand about race relations is all here in this podcast.

Levar Burton Reads
Who doesn’t want Levar Burton to read to us like he did when we were children? Levar Burton Reads is part of this list because the stories he’s reading are reflective of our culture. They tell stories about how we got to where we are that also include jewels of wisdom about where we need to go. Learn from literature. The lessons are there. [Insert his catchphrase here. You know it, right? Okay. Because I hear he’s getting sued for it, so I’m not gonna say it...]

Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!
This one is here for levity. When I'm feeling overly informed and perhaps a bit overwhelmed, this is where I go to laugh about it all. A classic, this show is always good. 

Christiane Amanpour is obviously a big name in journalism, but it’s important to note how her CNN show (which is also a podcast) is covering the rights of women worldwide. While here in America we’ve had the “Me, Too” movement, Amanpour has also been talking about the French movement #BalanceTonPorc (Out Your Pig) and amplified the voice of a British journalist standing up against an MP who sexually harassed her. 

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim
These two women are just hilarious and wonderful. They are singlehandedly changing minds about religion, prejudice and stereotypes, while also finding room to laugh about life. 

What podcasts are keeping you sane under the current administration?

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