Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Holiday Wish List

As I was working through some rather difficult plot points for my novel today I was browsing Etsy for fairy items and inadvertently created something of a holiday wish list.

My novel is sitting beside me, a stack of chapters, each bound with its own paper clip, but how adorable are these tiny paperclip earrings?

I love any time a metalsmith turns metal into leaves or branches, and it actually happens within the novel I’m working on, so this necklace is perfect to go along with my edits!
Leaf Necklace

Speaking of necklaces... Tiny books! 


I drink approximately three cups of herbal tea a day. I was given geek teas as a gift recently at work, but how cool is this Poe tea?

Or I can just Grow my own Green Tea!

For the first time in my entire life I have enough hair for this lovely leather hair cup. Look through their shop! They have some amazing stuff!
Mythical Designs
Some adorable fairy stationary. I just love writing letters.
Fairy Stationary

Incredible fairy wings! I don’t know what these are made of, or how she does the magic needed for the creation, but I love these wings and would just have to find a reason to wear them!

Finally, a stocking stuffer for my aching feet, because I stand at a desk all day... looking at Etsy Shops...

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