Sunday, October 18, 2015

Amelia Cole Talks Writing and Children

Remember a few weeks ago when I interviewed Christine James? Well, today we have an interview with Amelia Cole, James’ co-author of Abroad and author of ARC Search & Rescue: Home available now from BGP Publishing. 

Me - what's your writing routine? Any specific music? Food? Etc.

Amelia - As a mother of two kids, my writing routine is usually "are they occupied? Awesome! Five whole minutes!" Skim through what I previously wrote to jog my memory, but then get interrupted before I can manage more than a paragraph. Music choices vary to suit what I'm writing, but I do love my carefully crafted Pandora station. I started with some Richard Marx and Bryan Adams, added in some Roxette and Go-gos, and let it take shape from there. I've stumbled on some amazing songs that perfectly fit some of my books that way. I'm not a big snacker, so if I eat while writing, it's usually because I'm writing while I'm eating.

Me - Do you have a favorite of your characters?

Amelia - That's a hard one. In my new series there's one. Right now he's just a secondary character. Kind of the comic relief. He's a goofball, always saying something ridiculous at inappropriate moments to lighten the mood. As the books move on, you'll see more depth in him. By the end (which I've already written because I had a sudden epiphany about it) I'm so in love with how far he's come since the prologue of book one. I cried happy tears.

Me - Do you write anything besides novels?

Amelia - I played around with the requisite angst-filled poetry in my younger days, but not for a few years now. I dabble in some short, humor-based quips, but those are mostly just free-flowing exercises when my brain won't work. If I'm going to sit down and seriously write something, it usually turns into a novel. I find I can't even write short stories to fit prompts in a writing group I belong to. I get too wordy and have to continue on with it.

Me - What can we expect from you in the future?

Amelia - I'm currently working on book two of my new series Arc Search & Rescue: Taken. I also have a sci-fi storyline rolling around in my head, as well as something fantasy-based, but with a few twists on the standard lore. Basically, my brain is almost always a big jumble of characters vying for my attention. The loudest voice wins!

Me - Tell me about your favorite books.

Amelia - Pride and Prejudice is at the top. I'm a romantic at heart. Even my grittiest grit has some tenderness woven in. I also love Sherlock Holmes. I have a leather bound collection of those stories. If we're talking about my favorite quick read, that is anything by the amazing Cindy Gerard. I got hooked on her way back with her Bodyguard series and have followed her characters into the second spinoff. I love her. I also have to mention Christine James at my own house. I've had the privilege of reading her work for years, even before she was published, and her ability to spin a yarn, weave a tapestry of imagination or simply tell a tale is incredible. She's made tremendous progress over the years and I see great things for her in the future. I hope I can keep up!

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