Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dating America and Other Poems

It's National Poetry Month, which usually means my Facebook feed is overflowing with poetry, but everyone (including myself) has been relatively tame this year. Are we not as inspired?

Here, have some inspiration!

Oh, can we just put an overall trigger warning on this whole post? War, genocide, circumcision and self-harming behaviors come up in some of these, k? Make sure you're in the right head space to handle those. And enjoy!

The poem "Dear Diary" by Alix Olson inspired the title of this blog post.

This poet is one I'm very new to, partly because she's new to the poetry world. I really hope she sticks around, though! Conversations About the Cut by Amaal Said. Seriously, click that link. And keep an eye on her! She's going places!

Last, my first attempt at slam poetry. It's something I've always wanted to do, so this is me breaking the ice on it.

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