Saturday, April 4, 2015


I write. I paint. I take photos. I collage. I bead. I knit. I bake. I draw. I Create. 

In the last few days I’ve had some pretty emotional conversations with a very close friend who is going through some stuff. This friend and I have known each other a long time and we have often used art in a sort of group therapy way, trading poetry prompts, endless bottles of Elmer’s glue and piles of magazine clippings. We both feel better when we Create. And, at least for me, if I don’t Create I feel trapped. I feel this itch inside my skin that makes me want to Create.

Creating is therapy. Creating has always been what keeps me sane. It is the way I process the world. 

I fought through social anxiety for years by carrying a camera with me. I healed from abuse by writing binders full of angst-filled poetry. I processed some of the strongest anger I’ve ever felt by throwing paint on a canvas, and it was an “Aha! Moment” for me when I realized how much that helped. 

I recently received one of the biggest compliments of my life when someone I barely know who follows my Facebook feed told me I “inspire people” and I make him “want to art.” (I love that he used “art” as a verb, by the way. Because truly, it is.) I realized immediately that this is what I’ve always wanted. I have no interest in judging artwork or grading artwork. I don’t want to subscribe strictly to what is called “good art” by the people who believe themselves able to make that call. I want to connect to art. Connect to other people through their art. I want to share it and I want to inspire and be inspired.

Most of all I want to inspire others to Create. To Create in ways they don't think they can. To draw even though they think they are horrible at it, or to sing even if they're off tune. 

The ability to Create is powerful. It is important. It is everything. And I think the world is a better place when those in it are using their energy to Create.

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