Friday, May 2, 2014

T-shirt Rugs & a Bit of the Apocalypse

I tried to think of a way to tie these two topics together but all I could come up with is that in the event of an apocalypse, I now know how to make sure we always have throw rugs.

That's a stretch. Okay, first the writing stuff. Big Pulp Magazine has just released the latest issue titled M. Among some wonderful stories of macabre and murder you will find my story "Concealed." A woman alone in a cave finds herself plunged into a pitch black post-apocalyptic world. You can pick up a copy here for $6.

Now, T-shirt knitting. Our apartment has this tiny step when you first come in the door. Though our landlord carpeted it before we moved in, two summers of beach sand and two winters of snow and ice have taken their toll. I was surfing Pinterest in search of a creative way to hide the damage when I found T-shirt yarn.

I used this tutorial.

(You can follow me on Pinterest here.)

So when I reorganized my closet last week to turn my old dresser into an entertainment center (let's just call this the summer of Pinterest, shall we?) I pulled out four T-shirts I don't wear anymore.

The final product on the icky step
I stripped them into half inch strips, attached them at the ends and began to knit.

I didn't have a pattern for the rug, I just experimented but now I have some ideas going and after I get all of my teenage nieces and nephews to give me their old shirts I'll be in rug-making business on my Etsy Shop.

The leftover T-shirt yarn? New toys for everyone! A quick knot and a few snips of the scissors and the dog and cats each have a new toy.

Aine loves rope toys.

Mi'walatl loves it if you shake it up in a jar of catnip first.

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