Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Patrick and Pen Pals

I work with a man named Mike who does something amazing. Mike is from Rwanda and now lives here in Maine. After being a refugee he knew he wanted to give back to the other child refugees in Africa and he started an orphanage. Orphans Vulnerable Children OVC RWANDA has many children in it and I love the work they are doing with what little means they have.

I just received these photos from the director in Rwanda and I wanted to share them. This is Baby Patrick.

Patrick is three weeks old and just arrived at the orphanage. His mother died in the hospital. 

I love finding pen pals for the older kids in the orphanage. I feel like I am connecting friends. I had a pen pal for years as a teen, a young girl from Japan. I didn't write her my deep secrets, I didn't tell her much beyond the superficial. But I felt like I was connected to her, and that connection was important to me. I especially enjoy hearing how excited the kids are to receive their first letters. These are the things that give me hope.

Welcome Baby Patrick to the world!


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