Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whales in the River and Inspiration

On the morning of April 26, 1954 the residents of Bangor, Maine woke up to find something truly unique and fascinating swimming in the Penobscot River. Two Beluga Whales were swimming up the fresh water river.

For days they stayed in the river while people debated what to do. Some people pelted them with arrows for fun. Others urged people to leave them alone. A few even suggested harpooning them. Eventually, though, they made their way back out of the river on their own.

Whales in River Frightened and Fascinated Bangor Crowds

I have a collection of news articles about odd occurrences like these. Situations when the world went a little weird, a little off from what we expect. Families raised entirely secluded from others in the mountains of Russia. Elephants who show compassion for humans. A lot of World War II stories when enemies became friends. These are the stories that inspire me to write. Not necessarily about them, but they prove that anything can happen. No story is too far-fetched because life is so unpredictable.

This summer I have set writing goals for myself. I have eight checkpoints, eight dates between now and August in which I hope to have finished certain pieces of fiction written, edited or submitted by. One of the deadlines is tomorrow and I have two characters already picked out for that deadline, however they aren't yet speaking to me. But these whales are, so my mind will be in 1954 Bangor, ME today if you need me.

Image from National Geographic's website. Beluga Whale

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