Monday, February 25, 2013

Are the Oscars the Place to Sing About Boobs?

I went to sleep last night quite unsure how I felt about Seth MacFarlane's performance on the Oscars and woke up this morning equally perplexed. When are sexist jokes funny? Is there a place for them in this world?

Though it is no great secret that there is a strong difference between how women are treated in Hollywood and how men are (one need only compare last night's botox beauties to the silver foxes to see that) I have always felt like the Oscars were a little classier than that. A night when we may examine dresses and makeup, but we appreciate actors for their ability to act and not just for whether or not we have seen their boobs.

(BTW, the boobs song dragged on like the epic chicken fight in "Family Guy." MacFarlane, I love the show, but you have got to learn when you've passed funny and jumped into tedious...)

Granted, no one was safe from MacFarlane. No one ever has been before, so why start now? MacFarlane has an established persona that would be hard for him to deviate from. His own self-depricating jokes about "Ted" were relatively funny. As were the "Star Trek" moments. I absolutely loved the song and dance routine with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Daniel Radcliffe. But those good, Oscar-worthy moments were just too few and too far apart. 

Too many of the jokes MacFarlane made just weren't funny, or were too far past offensive to be funny. On "Family Guy" I can view the sexist jokes made by overweight, lazy Peter as a stab at chauvinist males. On the Oscars they just felt chauvinist. 

Does comedy require a certain venue to be funny? Are sexist jokes funny in one location and not in another, or do we just forgive them when they come out of the mouth of a cartoon more than when we can see the cartoon creator's face?

What do you think? Were his jokes the wrong choice? Was he the wrong choice? Did you enjoy his performance?

Oh, and please, please... let's talk about the Chicago/Dreamgirls/Les Mis moments! Please! Stunning.

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