Sunday, December 30, 2012

Written in Stars

I asked two friends for six words to write a sestina. The words they gave me were amaze, bewilder, write, star, cake and love.  The word "bewilder" was quite a challenge to work with, but this is the result.

Written in Stars

Was he in love with those stars?
Did they speak to him? Bewildering
his mind. Did they scream, “Me! Paint me! Cake
your canvass with globs of my beauty. Write
lines of motion in the sky. Show you love
me.” Was he pleased? Or amazed

at his art? Did he stand, staring, amazed
and in awe as we do? Each swirling star
growing from his fingers. Lovingly
depicted. Was he bewildered
by his own work? Did he write
later of it? To it? Love letters caked

in romantic metaphor. No, not caked,
smothered in it. How the colors amaze
the senses. How his stars will intrigue writers
of the future. Did he foresee his stars
as the subject of songs and stories? Bewildered
and tame. How generations of lovers

would gaze at the village, stars, lover's
eyes. Inspired. Quote poetry caked
in cliché while they stood bewildered
by his art, the night sky, their own amazing
love. Would he have been pleased to see stars,
his stars, printed on writing

notebooks, mugs, hats, bookmarks. Written
into song lyrics. Would he love
the popularity? How prominent his stars
are now? Would he order a cake
with starry icing to celebrate his amazing
collection of Starry paraphernalia. Bewilder

with his joy? Or would he bewilder
instead with anger? Would he write
complaints to the newspaper? Amaze
at our superficial, surface level love
for his art. Perhaps learning we cake
our things with his stars

because of our love. Our worship. Bewildered by his
unappreciated talent. His canvas caked in stars.
His amazing work, written in stars.

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