Thursday, November 1, 2012


I look forward to the day years from now when a child will come to me and ask, "What was the big deal about gay marriage anyway?" And I'll pull out all these photos and I will be able to say, "I was a part of that."

I won't just say "I watched it on the news" or "I remember". I'll be able to say I was out there. I worked the campaign. I knocked on doors. I influenced that point in history. I was there.

There is pride in that. There is pride in standing up for something you believe so strongly in. I am proud of the hours I've put in, the tears I've shed and the words I've spoken.

We live in a country where we can do something to make a change. I believe this because when I came out of the closet "Gay Marriage" wasn't a thing. Matthew Shepard was still alive, Rosie O'Donnell was in the closet and I was told being gay was a choice. I'm not yet thirty years old and I've already seen the world change in huge and wonderful ways. 

And it just keeps getting better. The vote for marriage equality isn't just a vote for gay and lesbian couples. It's a vote for all children from diverse homes. It's a vote for every teen who is afraid to come out. It's a vote to change the world for the better.

I was not put on this planet to simply exist and neither were you. You were put here to bring change. To create. To do. We are here to be, to live, to experience.


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