Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pursuing Dreams... CHECK!

I have a sticker on the dash of my car that says, "Forsake Inhibitions, Pursue Thy Dreams."

I, like many writers, struggle with this. After my first few magazine articles were published I discovered I really loved to see my own name in print. However after enthusiastically sending out a few fiction pieces to editors and publications my ambition began to wane. The fear of rejection grew, the drive to edit shrunk to almost non-existance. I continue to pump out pieces that I don't complete while ignoring what needs to be done with the few that are complete.

It's time to gain some focus.

And today something happened to jumpstart that missing drive to pursue dreams...

Requiem For The Living, by Katrina Kent a fiction piece about a man who is preparing for the zombie apocalypse and the things important enough to him to save, is currently being showcased by Haunted Waters Press.

Ever feel like the universe/creator/powers-that-be are slamming you over the head and you are ignoring them? The message has come to me through tarot readings, bumper stickers, everywhere. It's not enough for me to write, I need to share my writing. Whether that is by sharing it with friends or sending it to editors, it still needs to be shared. Otherwise what am I writing for?

So, pursuing dreams is now officially added to my checklist. One step has been taken, now on to the next...

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