Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making a Life

My sister Kymmy went to Jamaica.
My brother to Egypt.
My other two sisters have done their share of traveling.
My dad has been everywhere.

I have never left New England.

I was asked recently why this is. I am an ambitious person. I love to be busy, so it doesn't make sense. I should have seen the world by now. Last night I came up with the answer. I have been making a living and forgot to make a life.

I moved out of my parents house ten years ago and I have spent the last ten years working. I have taken only two real vacations. I spent both of them in the state of Maine or in Boston. I have been successful at every job, but have been so busy earning a paycheck I forgot to take time for myself.

That's not to say I haven't done some amazing things. Maine I know well. I have traveled every inch - from Fort Kent to Kittery - and I love Maine. I have been on puffin watches and whale watches. I have hand fed baby bats and held reticulated pythons. I have pulled lobster traps and climbed mountains. I have seen Elton John in concert and been to nearly every museum in Maine. But all of this has been done within New England, without the need to get a hotel or a passport. With appropriate plans made ahead of time. Never last minute and rarely with much financial risk.

Last night at 4:45 Trisha called me at work and said "Ani Difranco is doing a free concert in New Hampshire tonight. Let's go." I said "you're crazy." the apartment we were counting on fell through so we are not sure where we will live in two months. We are transferring to a new school and will be going to New Hampshire on Friday for that. It was completely irresponsible and crazy to go to this concert.

So we picked up a friend and the three of us hit the road.

And I am so glad we did. The concert was amazing. The drive was fun. And it was an eye-opener for me. I have missed similar opportunities because of responsibilities and obligation and now I am wishing I hadn't.

And ya know what? The boxes I need to pack are still here. I am headed to work this morning, but I can pack later. There is something to be said for responsibility, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and live. Life is going on today even though I wasn't home last night.

The paperwork for my passport is in my backpack. It's time to fill it out.

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