Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did You Think I Was Gone?

I haven't blogged in how long? I don't even know...

I also don't know where to begin on that... so I won't. Let's talk about something else.

Getting published. I've been thinking a lot about the work involved in publishing a book. I have finished my book. Or the majority of it. It's in the editing process right now. Now I'm at the "what the hell do I do with it?" step.

Putting yourself out there for rejection is nerve-wracking enough. This time it's even worse. This book is personal. Incredibly personal. And IF I even got a bite on it from a publisher, if ANYONE thought it was worth publishing, would I want to put that out there?

Would I want to open up that side of myself? Expose things from inside my soul like that? I'm really not sure.

So instead I have decided to begin with something smaller. I have a short story I am particularly proud of that I am going to start attempting to publish instead. Eventually.

When I get the nerve...

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