Monday, January 30, 2012

Writing Letters

I love to receive snail mail. I have quite a few friends who live in other states and we frequently send letters back and forth. For the month of February I am committing to send one thing in the mail, something personal not bills, every day. Why? Because it's fun.

I would like to do a month off from the internet entirely, but I can't do that mid-semester. School requires internet. However, I will also be using this month to spend some time off of Facebook. I need a break from Facebook in order to keep up with my schoolwork. It's too easy of a distraction. So I'm going to limit myself to signing into Facebook only twice a day for five minutes maximum.

Now, it's up to all my friends to hold me to this! Also, if anyone is interested in receiving something in the mail from me this month send your snail mail address.

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