Thursday, July 21, 2011

Napalm on Mosquitoes

“It’s like using Napalm
to kill mosquitoes”
he chuckled as he
cleaned a tomato
with his green peace shirt
“these politicians are running
in circles finding huge
solutions for small problems
and ignoring the big ones”
He smiled at me and I wondered
at the man I just met
at the man standing in front
of me. A citizen
of this great country
this country that is split
by party line
This great citizen, this
amazing man who spends
his retirement growing vegetables
and reading poetry
risks suffering at the hands
of these suits in office
who can’t compromise
who continue to throw sand
like children on a playground
He fought for our country
he paid his taxes
he invested in social security
And now he fears
it will all go away
he will lose his income
his healthcare because
the talking heads can’t
see past their next election
and make a decision.
And they are instead
telling me college students
don’t have enough life
to vote.
They are telling us that
there is no easy solution
to debt ceilings and economic
One tells us a statistic
the other tells us it’s a lie
who do you believe?
Who do you trust?
I trust this man
who stands in front of me
who fought for our country
who paid his taxes
who elected these officials
to work for him.
I trust this man
who deserves better
who understands the dangers
of using Napalm
to kill mosquitoes.

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