Saturday, March 26, 2011

"You have a fun day now!"

"We are only promised the 'pursuit of happiness.' We are only promised that we get to try. If you don't try. If you let your community, your country, your society, or yourself tell you that you don't deserve happiness, that you aren't worthy, then you're [screwed] -Fire Lyte

(I hope Fire Lyte from doesn't mind me altering his quote for language.)

I think this is an important concept missed by many. The PURSUIT of happiness. You have to pursue that. No one can hand you happiness. It can't always be someone else's fault you aren't happy.

When my grandmother was in the army, before my father was born, she was taking out the trash and singing (off key, I'm sure) as she worked. The way the story has always been told to me a superior officer came up to her and said, "Private Ray, what is it you are doing?" She said, "taking out the trash, sir." The officer responded with, "While singing? Well aren't you just a Ray of Sunshine."

My grandmother has always been my greatest influence and my strongest role model, and in this there is no exception. No matter what was going on around her she had fun. She buried two husbands, survived wars and poverty, and she always had fun. Just months before she died she was dancing at a benefit thrown in her honor, while my uncle tried to convince her she should be resting instead. She ended every voicemail and answering machine message with, "You have a fun day now!" She was always a Ray of Sunshine.

So, as you go about your day today remember to pursue happiness.

Have a fun day now!

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