Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cost of Sheen

All the headlines say Sheen
He’s gone crazy, lost his mind.
Everyone Stop. Freeze. Forget the children.
Forget unions and teachers, the cause of rising costs.
Ignore protests and tragedy. Everyone look
at this junkie reaching

for the media. He stopped reaching
for laughs and girl’s asses, now Sheen
wants more. He wants everyone
to look at him. Lose our own minds.
Why not? What’s the real cost
of media frenzy? Raise our children

in a country where children
are starving, dying. Don’t reach
for your checkbook, the cost
of helping is too high. Let Sheen’s
drama lull us to sleep. Quiet our minds.
It’s okay everyone.

Don’t worry everyone.
Don’t bother worrying about your child.
We needn’t concern ourselves with their minds.
Don’t bother with education, don’t reach
out and turn off that screen. God knows the sheen
of that screen has no cost.

What’s the cost of this culture? The cost
of capitalism and greed? When everyone
believes faux news and lies. When Charlie Sheen
acting stupid trumps our children’s
education. Let the truth in. Reach
for the truth. Use your mind.

Because at the end of the day our minds
are our greatest asset. There is no cost
for your mind. TV off, just reach
for a book, curl up. And learn. Everyone
will benefit. Don’t let our children
grow up in a world where Charlie Sheen

is big news. The cost of losing our children’s minds
is too high. Reach for reality. Everyone turn off the obsession
with Hollywood shimmer and sheen.

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