Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sarah Palin and Birth Certificates

As much as I hate to give any time to Sarah Palin, I need to get this out. She recently complained that Barack Obama "changed his stance" on the Defense of Marriage Act. Just so we're all clear, Lincoln's views on slavery changed during his presidency as well. Not a bad thing! And a president should be allowed to have evolving emotions. If his opinions changed in a bad way, or a way that the rest of the country doesn't support, the system is set up to work with that. That's the whole point of the checks and balances system.

Members of the gay community are complaining that Obama just did this to get our votes in the upcoming election. First of all, I am so sick of hearing that Obama has screwed the gay community. Obama has not fulfilled every campaign promise, no. What president in history ever has? But he did fight to get rid of DADT and is now working on DOMA. Anyone who expected him to take the oath and come in with a magic wand and solve every problem facing this country is a fool and obviously doesn't understand what powers the president actually has. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if the president could be blamed for every problem in the country this would be a dictatorship, not a democracy.

And the birth certificate debate has made headlines AGAIN today? PLEASE! There are thousands of people who the Democratic party could have chosen for their presidential candidate. Why would they choose someone who wasn't American? Why waste their time in a world where information is so easily googled? They have produced his birth certificate, letters from the nurses who remember delivering him and newspaper articles announcing his birth. What more do you want? Have an issue with Obama all you want, I have a few of my own issues with him, but make it a political issue, not a ridiculous dead end personal attack.

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  1. Well said. From a Canadian perspective, I think Obama has overall been great for America. Not just from an internal point, what he has done for the American people, but from an international standpoint. I personally would be much more willing to visit Obama's America than George Bush's or Palin's. I may be way off base, but I think that Obama has really started to change the way the international community views America. Progressive instead of stagnating. Great article, as always!