Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a Word on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

People offer many reasons why we shouldn't repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell but there is one "reason" that I want to call out. I have heard it time and time again and it is not a valid reason to be against gays in this military.

"I don't want the guy in the foxhole with me looking at my ass."

This is NOT a valid reason to be against repealing DADT.

This is complete bull.

Three reasons I feel this way:

1) If you're in a foxhole under enemy fire and you are worrying about whether or not the guy next to you is looking at your ass, YOU have just become the issue. You are the one being unprofessional because in the middle of a war you're focused on your own ass, instead of the asses of the enemy.

2) Are you offended when a women you don't find attractive checks you out? I am a lesbian, but that doesn't mean I am incapable of working with straight men. Don't ask, Don't tell also prohibits lesbians from serving in the military. Do you have a problem with that? They certainly aren't looking at your ass!

3) And my last problem with this is he is NOT looking at you. Trust me. I know a lot of gay guys. I have yet to hear this defense from a man any one of them would find attractive.

If you are so incredibly shallow that you think every gay man you encounter is hitting on you, I don't want you serving in the army that protects me. I find it hard to believe you can protect me if you are so self-obsorbed.

Give me all the reasons you want that gays shouldn't be openly serving in the military. But to tell me you are worried someone will be looking at your ass is NOT a valid reason. And it just makes me think you're an idiot.

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