Friday, November 26, 2010


First, let me get this out of the way. I am thoroughly sickened by the retail businesses across the country who were open yesterday. And I am even more sickened by the greedy consumers who were there just to save a buck. I don't care if you are offended by this. It is sick. I love my gadgets, don't get me wrong. But I've had my ipod for over 3 years now. Just because someone released a newer, better one doesn't mean I need to leave my family so I can go hit some sale at Walmart on Thanksgiving to get it. Thanksgiving is not about sales and saving a buck on cheap junk from China. And personally, the whole thing disgusts me.

On that note, my gratitude list. I'm not going to list it here because I know I'll forget something and I'll spend half the day coming back on here and editing it (when really I should be working on my research paper today). I have an ongoing gratitude list which I keep in my messenger bag that I carry everywhere.

Instead I will simply post three big things I am grateful for.

The biggest thing this year is my girl. I am grateful for a wonderful partner who allows me to be me. A partner who has supported me as I've begun my pursuit of a higher education. A partner who loves me and appreciates spending time with me. A partner who I can grow with, instead of growing beside.

The second thing I am grateful for is finally being out from under the corporate thumb. I am working a job I feel good about. I am not selling my soul for minimum wage, or selling cheap junk to people who can't actually afford it. I am appreciated and my boss makes sure I know I am appreciated. I see the results of my work first hand. I observe the changes I am making in these children's lives everyday. I feel as though I am helping work toward a better future for the next generation. I feel good.

The last thing I am grateful for is my education. I am working on a paper right now about women's history in higher education and I am grateful to live in the century I live in. I am grateful to live in a world that not only allows me an education, but actually encourages my education. I am grateful for a society with more educated females than any society has had in history.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holiday season.

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