Tuesday, October 12, 2010


CNN has two stories today about elderly people who were brought to America as infants or children and have been threatened with deportation. One of them was brought here as an infant and has been living here for 101 years. The other two men are in their 70's and served in the American army in Vietnam. Are we truly this xenophobic? That we are threatening to send back people who have lived here for decades and didn't CHOOSE to come here, but were brought here as infants?

I do believe people should only be allowed to be here legally. But isn't this getting a little ridiculous?

History repeats itself, and everything works in cycles. I can only hope this extreme xenophobia settles into something a little more logical and humane one day.

Oh, the 101 year old woman was able to gain citizenship. And then, of course, people are crying out "she'll be able to get social security benefits now!" Who cares? She's 101 years old! How many years will she be collecting these checks? Really?

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