Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"I Don't Have A Dream..." -Chandler (from NBC's "Friends")

Actually, I have too many dreams!

Last night's Intro to Education class made me really start thinking about teaching in a public school. I've never been really into that idea, which is why I'd rather go on for my Master's Degree or PHD and teach at the college level. Then some days I jump to the journalism idea, and then there is editing... And my Statistics class, which it turns out I'm actually ENJOYING, makes me think more about journalism and about politics and political sciences. Either way I'm really aiming for a bachelors in English/Arts & Humanities to begin with but where to go from there?

I think first I want to attend a few meetings of the school board, city counsel, those kinds of things. I guess I'm doing a bit of career exploration. Maybe I can see if I can shadow a teacher for a day, too. I love the work I'm currently doing as a Behavioral Health Professional but this isn't a lifetime career. This is an in-between job. It's even introduced that way in the training. Nearly everyone that does this job does it as a temporary fix while they are in school or getting the experience for whatever their goal career is.

I have been floundering on this for years. This is why I didn't go to school to begin with. I just can't commit my mind to anything for any length of time. I will for a few months or so... and then something will happen and I will falter...

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