Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I have tried to write about this. I tried to vlog about this. I've been able to do nothing but tweet. And boy have I sent out a lot of tweets about this... Because the Brock Turner sentencing makes me so angry I can't see straight. And it should do the same for you. So, here's what I can choke out on the subject.

The Stanford rape victim's letter. This letter went viral this weekend. Though the case was talked about a bit back when he was first arrested in 2015 (primarily people debating whether or not the victim carried some of the blame for getting drunk) but this incredible letter from the victim is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important things you will read this year. It does require a trigger warning because there are details regarding the assault and her recovery process in it, but please, if you're able to, read this. A few times over, even. Ashleigh Banfield spent a large chunk of her show reading this letter aloud. 

The sentencing and what it means, from the New York Times (including the father's sickening letter of excuses. This letter is everything we need to know about white privilege and how men like Brock Turner are created. In a post on Facebook a friend of mine wrote "This is why I need feminism. I want my son to grow into a world where this culture no longer exists. And I feel helpless to work towards that." The key thing to remember as we read about these horrible cases is that we aren't helpless. We've made changes before. But we have to stay vigilant and serious about this subject in order to keep those changes going.

A history of rape and rape culture. It's really important that we, as today's feminists, don't forget that we are where we are because of women who came before us. It's important to recognize flaws in feminism of the past, the way it has marginalized lesbians and people of color, but it is also important that we look at and learn from the way past feminists have benefited today's society. One of those ways is certainly in legislation regarding rape, and this case is a step back (or a step sideways?) that needs to be shouted about and we need to make sure this never happens again.

The petition to recall the judge. This judge, who also happens to be a Stanford alumni and former athlete, is up for reelection, however he is running unopposed. This petition is an attempt to recall his position. The judge ruled that a harsher sentence would have a "severe impact" on Turner. All I can say is... of course it would! And it should. Judge Persky has a history of being lenient on other rapists. He does not deserve his position.

The mug shot. This was and should remain a big source of discussion. It's been over a year since his arrest and yet Brock Turner's mug shot has only been released within 48 hours of this post. Every rape case that hits the newspapers shows a mug shot, yet this case has persistently included a smiling, suit and tie photo of a white college athlete. This is not okay. This is never okay.

I can't say much more except that this case is all the inspiration I need to know that the term "post-feminist" does not yet apply to our world. We have so much work yet to do and I am so ready to get my hands dirty doing it.

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