Monday, April 25, 2016

Theater Ppl and Body Positivity

On our way home from NYC the other night there was a fire around the train tracks, so the two hour trip from Boston to Portland took about six hours. So that was fun. But, I caught up on a few podcasts and wanted to share a couple with you! (Also, NYC was amazing. The Lion King was incredible. Julie Taymor is a goddess. Can’t wait to go back.)

Theater People Podcast

The delightful Patrick interviews amazing stage actors, choreographers, directors and more, while occasionally talking about his adorable daughter Daisy and, of course, “My husband Steve.” There’s something about his energy that just makes you love him. As I listened I realized I cared about him as much as I did the people he was interviewing.

Obviously this podcast has a specific audience in mind, and maybe you think that isn’t you, but Jennifer Tepper says we’re heading into a new Golden Age of musical theater, and I believe it. So hurry up and become a theater people, okay?

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy listening to Lea DeLaria, who just might be the funniest woman alive? And that episode with Alex Brightman is one big lesson in gratitude. He should be a positive thinking coach. The host, Patrick has infectious enthusiasm that could actually turn you into a theater lover.

(Also, if you already ARE a theater people, I also suggest The Ensemblist.)

The Body Poscast

Do you remember Lillian Bustle’s Ted Talk? If not, here:

Lillian is one of the women behind The Body Poscast, and I absolutely LOVE this show.

The Barbie Doll episode is actually what prompted this post. On that episode they talked about how they pick and choose who to follow on Instagram and twitter in order to create a happy place for themselves online. Facebook is hard and emotional and lately with all the trans bathroom stuff it’s making me want to ... well, anyway. It isn’t always a happy place. But this episode got me thinking about what I’m pressing “like” on and how it’s affecting my emotions and my day. And that’s what I love about this show is how it makes me think.

Plus these women are fierce and amazing and will make you feel so good about life, even while touching on tough topics.

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