Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Book & Some Other Books

Hello blog readers! It’s been a while since I posted. I was a bit busy with...


By The River is out now! Any book store you go to should be able to order it for you, and hopefully they’ll all have it on their shelves soon!

By The River is my short story collection based on Maine history. The stories range from Beluga Whales swimming up river into Bangor in 1954 to the building of Rumford’s "brick park.” By The River is an examination of strength, adversity and diversity in a state with some amazing heroes and some shady closet skeletons.

By The River is on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s also available on KOBO, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Buy the book and share the book and most importantly review the book!

In other book news, remember last year when I kept raving about Kindred by Octavia Butler? I even put it in my favorite reads of 2015 post. It’s about to become a graphic novel.  I’m ecstatic about this! This incredible book is an eye-opening, thought-provoking masterpiece. I highly suggest you don’t wait for the graphic novel. Go read this one today!

Today I’m finishing up Blackout, the last in Mira Grant’s very fun zombie trilogy. This series is great fun. It’s the zombie series for folks who grew up hooked on Buffy and X-Files. It’s all about conspiracy, truth and how we balance right from wrong when the lines start getting fuzzy between them.

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