Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Release and Submission Calls and general updates.

**February 26, 2016**

That’s the official release date of By the River by Katrina Ray-Saulis. Mark it on your calendar! Soon we’ll have the cover reveal, book release parties, readings and signings and all that author stuff!

There are links to all of my social networking pages in the sidebar so you can keep up on my book news.

While you’re over there you may notice a new addition. I’ve added a donate button. A few of my readers have asked how you can support my work aside from the obvious, buying my book. So I’ve set up a small button. Every penny donated through that button goes toward submission costs for writing contests and toward the cost of keeping up with my various websites and creating my art.

I love you all for your amazing emotional support and that means infinitely more than anything else, this is just for folks who have the means and the drive to support me in other ways.

Projects in the works:

Next Poetry Video

I’m considering my next poetry video project, so if you’re interested in submitting a video clip email me! My first one is, of course, When Elephants Fight and you can find it here. The next video is all about dance. Send me your clubbing video, your kids dancing in the kitchen, your elementary school performance. Any video of dancing!

Theater of the Mind

You may know already that in the past I’ve been involved with a little tabletop game magazine called Theater of the Mind Magazine. We’re looking to bring this back as a regular publication. 
We’re doing a shoutout for submissions here.

New Work

I’m working on the first draft of a brand new book, another historical fiction but a very different direction from what I’ve written in the past. I’m also sketching out the ideas for another stage play and finishing up tidying a few other scripts to send them out. I always have a few projects going at once, right?


I’ve joined an Art Journaling group called Journal 52. The folks over there are so kind and so encouraging. It’s fun, I’m splattering paint and creating with my emotions and working through some stuff. 

Finally, my Maine History Projects continue:

I’m still seeking out beautiful and powerful and intriguing stories about Maine! I am unable to start my Masters Degree at this time, but I’m still learning and collecting and working toward my education goals. Eventually I hope to present these stories in a series of stage plays based in Maine.

As you can see I have a lot of work going on! I’m busy and excited as always, so now I
’m off to finish polishing up a play that I’m hoping to submit to a summer play festival! 

What are you writing and reading? 

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