Monday, September 21, 2015

Christine James Talks Twizzlers, Writing and Literary Laxative

I've been listening to Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, (in fact I'm listening to her interview Ann Patchett as I write this) and it's so great. She's doing something so wonderful for creative people. I highly suggest it.

Aside from inspiring me to write my own fiction (news coming on that regard, btw! Stay tuned!) it made me want to start interviewing writers and other creative people.

Today I interviewed author Christine James, whose book "The Guardians: Undercity" is being released on October 1st. I haven't read this book yet, but I was lucky enough to read her trilogy The Chosen Chronicles. The trilogy is a Buffy-esque series, a fascinating take on angels, archangels, and the lives they lead. Light, fun and enjoyable.

Christine writes paranormal fiction with a bit of romance, a bit of thriller, a bit of everything mixed into it.

The interview: Katrina - You and Amelia Cole collaborated on a book awhile back. "Abroad" How did the writing process work?

Christine James - With difficulty at first, but we got into a rhythm. During the conception process we talked for hours about the direction we wanted to take, the arc we wanted each of our characters to follow. Once we started writing it pretty much clicked into place. She would do a chapter with her character, Avery, and then send it to me. I would read...make any notes and then pick up where she left off using my character Nina. The story blended pretty seamlessly. We are really connected as far as our way of thinking goes. There were some hiccups here and there, different points of view and what not but for the most part we had the same idea, and we're able to bring our characters to life together. We still talk about them and it's been over a year since "Abroad" released. *but will be re-releasing again soon....hint hint wink wink**

Katrina - What books inspire you?

Christine - Depends on my mood really.... If I'm in a not so great mood I read thrillers... etc. I say I'm actually more inspired by the authors instead of the books

. There are a couple indie authors that are freaking amazing. Karina Halle. Because she really doesn't care... she doesn't sensor. .. she creates these truly real characters that are beautifully flawed. Their emotions are so real it's like they grab you and push your face right into the book. Then there is Airicka Phoenix. She does the same thing with her characters. They are brilliant and rediculously witty, but Airicka as a human is what truly inspires me. She's this sweet soul that I have had such an honor of getting to know over the past few months. She helps out and gives of herself without expecting anything in return. She is incredible.

Katrina - Do you eat while you write? If so, what do you eat?

Christine - oh lord yes. It helps me concentrate. I have a weakness for tootsie roll pops. Love those things. Then there are the classic strawberry Twizzlers. I currently have a bag of chewy sprees and chewy sweet tart mini chews.


Katrina - what's the best writing advice you've ever received?

Christine - Not to force it. Let it happen. If you force a story into being your fans will be able to tell you. They won't feel your dedication.... -----> This is the advice I give to new writers or people who ask me how to write. All writers suffer from literary constipation at some point. You have to step back and clear your head. Read a book... watch a movie... or just leave it alone for a week. Look at that as a literary laxative... works almost every time!!!

Katrina - Give me an "elevator pitch" for your next book. Christine - They are watching you. But . . . they aren't the only ones. 

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