Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All the Love for Anthony

I think as far as the business of art goes, Amanda Palmer has created something incredible that all artists need to take note of. And you're probably sick of me talking about her, but too bad. I'm going to. Because she's doing something amazing that we need to acknowledge.

Art on a mass quantity can go around the world, yes. Everyone is singing that same song, and that's great for that artist. But art on a smaller quantity with better quality and more connection to the individual fans can do more. It can change the way people think.

I have had a few conversations with writer and artist friends recently about wanting to have a best seller and wanting to get national or international recognition. One person asked me, "How do I make this book universal enough so everyone can relate?"

My answer is you don't. You don't make it that universal. You can't make every single reader/viewer of your art love your art. But you can develop a beautiful relationship with people who are influenced by your art, touched by your art. Write what you want to write, create the art you love. Somewhere someone else needs that art. And you don't have to be famous to be successful. You don't have to be universal enough for every single person on the planet to want to read your book. You have to be speaking to the people who NEED your book. The people who need your art.

Stop trying to be famous and stick with trying to be the artist you need to be for the world.

Below is Amanda Palmer's Facebook post from this morning. I'd like you to click the link and see the comments. I want you to see the way she is loved by her fans. If you click on the comments for any other musician you see a bunch of people who obviously don't think their post will be seen. A bunch of "you suck" or "I love you Rihanna!" or whatever. At least half the comments are off topic for the post.

Amanda's fans are on topic. They are on topic because they feel like they know her and she knows them. They are commenting on the post of a friend.

She does know them. She's taken the time to connect and build an artistic relationship and community, which in my opinion is infinitely more important than advertising your art.

My love to Anthony at this horrible announcement. I'll be thinking of you.

some aching news from london.please send love.
Posted by Amanda Palmer on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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