Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders 2016

I do not believe that Bernie Sanders​ can fix every problem this country has. No president can. But I am going to talk about him as much as I can between now and the election, because I do believe him going into office could change the game, forever and for the better.

Our government is faulty. Corporations, with the help of network news, buy our votes and pay off our politicians. The news tells us a candidate doesn't have enough supporters (AKA money) and we believe it. We're afraid of "wasting" our vote on a "long shot candidate." A valid concern, but we only believe they are a “long shot candidate” because the media tells us they are to begin with.

But we have something different now. We have new ammo in our guns. We have social media.

Our government was built on a self-published, grassroots movement. It was a small group of citizens who wanted change, printed off pamphlets, handed them out, and started a revolution. Today, this should be even easier than it was then.

Social media gives us a platform we've never had. Never in history has it been so easy to pass information over a mass audience like this. Never before have we had so much power in our hands. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like allow us to combat the lies of media. We have the ability to truly learn the facts, outside the bias news broadcasts. This is a gift, a blessing.

Let's not waste it.

Statistics show HUGE support for this "long shot" candidate, Bernie Sanders. Statistics show more Americans agree with his politics than any of the other candidates. But the media news isn't talking about him. They are dismissing him for the candidates with more money. They are dismissing Bernie because he's the one candidate that won't buy his way into office.

And don't you think it's time we had a president who didn't buy his way into office?

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