Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Unposted Status

Sometime ago an article surfaced claiming that Facebook has a database somewhere with a record of all of our half-written, unposted status messages. Of course this is a far-fetched idea, but it sparked a question for me. With all we do share online, what is it we aren't?

Somewhere behind the onslaught of information we offer up to our families, friends, coworkers and strangers on social-networking, there are a whole series of messages we don't share. Secrets, heartache, strong political or religious views we are scared to share. Behind that mask of photos of our dinner plates and videos of our cats are some true, raw feelings... and some intriguing stories... 

So I opened a Google doc asking people to anonymously send their unposted status messages. Below are a selection of the first few responses. 

Next time you reach for that delete button, think about contributing at: 

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