Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Podcasts and Apologies

Before I get into my homework this morning (oh my do I need to spend some actual time focused on that!) I want to share a few podcasts I've found, and a bit of frustration.

First, the frustration.

Can we all just stop apologizing for what we enjoy reading?

If you enjoy reading children's picture books, read them. If you want to read Harlequin romance novels, fluffy crime novels, whatever it is. Read them!

Stop apologizing for what you enjoy. Especially if you're a writer. Stop feeling like you are doing something wrong if you aren't reading "high literature." I am all for high lit. Sometimes I want a real thinker. I want a book that will make me question who I am, what society is doing, what philosophical steps need to be taken, etc. I love that. I think everyone should challenge themselves to read something a little more complicated sometimes.

But those other books keep you reading, too. Which means even if they aren't "high lit" they have something going for them. There is something you, as a writer, can learn from them. Something makes you want to read them, right? Something makes you continue turning those pages. So read them. Enjoy them. Learn what it is that they have going for them. Use that in your writing. Or learn what makes them suck and use that in your writing. Whatever it is.

Life is too short to read only the literary cannon. Unless that's what you enjoy, of course...

Anyway, that's over. Now, podcasts. I've been an avid listener of spiritual podcasts for years. I know I've blogged that before. Here's a few new ones I've fallen in love with that have more of a book lover's bend to them:

The Truth Podcast This is described as "movies for your ears" and it is exactly that. Think the radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" but shorter and you're more aware that it is fiction. Seriously, download this one.

Witness Nonfiction stories told by people who actually witnessed these incredible events in history.

Celtic Myth Podshow This one isn't new to me, but still fits the story theme I have going here. Celtic myths and legends. Do you need more of a description than that?

Now, my homework...

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