Saturday, August 2, 2014

Drama and Dancing

"Thug" opens this week
at the St. Lawrence Arts Center in Portland, Maine.
I know I have written before about my love of theatre, but since I've just completed the first draft of my first one act play, and because I want to plug an upcoming production I'm really excited about, I thought it a pertinent subject today.

At some point I think every theatre lover attempts to describe the experience of going to a live action production. Eventually we all return to Shakespeare. "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." 

Theatre is life. It is the strongest parts of life. It is the moments we cry, the moments we laugh. Heartbreak and hilarity. It is the antithesis of zoning out blankly at a television program. It is the polar opposite of reading the headlines and skipping the articles. Theater is truly living. It's being aware of every moment, every breath, every visual and audible detail. It is strong and it is visceral.

Theatre is a group of people working toward one goal. The goal of creating a living piece of artwork. Theatre is a beautiful combination of every art form and medium. 

Charlotte's Web. Probably my first stage experience.
(That's me in the skirt on the end.)
This week my best friend and theatre/spiritual sister, Venus Murphy will be performing alongside some of my favorite Maine dancers in what might be her thousandth production (I've lost count) with Vivid Motion Dance. But I'm not just plugging it because of her. I've attended numerous Vivid Motion productions, including a few productions of their Nutcracker Burlesque, which is a highlight of my holiday season. Vivid Motion never disappoints. They are unique, entertaining, and a theatrical thrill.

This week's performance was written by Shea Murphy. It is described as an "intense story told through dance." According to Veni the show "deals with issues that sometimes make people uncomfortable. Alcoholism, domestic abuse, profiling. It's a story about real people, dealing with real things." She went on to say, "We don't feel like it's a show that will leave people feeling depressed, or hopeless. Personally, I hope people will be able to reflect on how they see some people, and maybe rethink their opinions. You never really know what someone has been through, just by looking at them." 

My wife and I did promotional photos for "Thug" a few weeks ago and this cast had us laughing out loud throughout, even as they were pulling from dark places to express this dramatic and compelling show. In the magic only possible with a live production, this show promises to connect strangers in a room who will laugh & cry together, and walk away changed.

Eugene can't wait to see you there opening night!

Thug Tickets!

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