Friday, May 30, 2014

Just A Few Screenshots

Between the #yesallwomen Twitter campaign and the death of Maya Angelou, women's rights have been on my mind quite a bit this week. Of course, being a woman they are rarely far from my thoughts anyway.

In my internet surfing today I saw these:

This prompted some googling of my own. I'm just going to leave these here for you to consider.


  1. Men get some bad ones too...

    men should be like kleenex soft strong and disposable
    men should be providers
    men should be exterminated
    men can't be trusted
    men can't be feminists
    men can't multitask
    men need to man up
    men are pigs
    men are revolting

    It's rather discouraging for those of us who aren't misogynistic, violent, macho a-holes.

    1. Now tell me why I wasn't bright enough to think to see what it says with Men in the google search bar? Thank you for that! Also, you may enjoy this: I just read through them and they're quite interesting.

    2. Thank you! I suppose that I'm of the feeling that we don't need a feminist movement, masculist (is that a word?) movement, black movement, white movement, gay or straight movement.

      What we need a humanist movement, where we see each other as complex human beings with many diverse ways of thinking and acting. We can look at horrible acts of violence and see them not as anti-women, anti-black, anti-gay, but simply anti-human.

      I think we can all agree that we live in a society that is horribly out of balance, but men are as trapped within it as women. We are all enacting the same story that we've all been taught.

      Perhaps there is a paradigm that offers us a positive alternative. How often do you hear the idea of "giving up" something as a good thing? It would be great if we all had a positive goal to work towards. A natural and healthy model of humanity that, regardless of our particular status in our society, we could see as a desirable goal. It would be great if we could present a model of society that would make everyone say: "Yeah! I want that!"

    3. I looked up men should and only got men should, no suggestions. Same results for men need and men shouldn't. For men are I got:
      Men are from mars and women from venus, men are better than women, men are from mars… quotes, men are from….pdf and men are like waffles.

    4. The search came up differently on my wife's computer too. If you do the search under those phrases and scroll to the bottom, you still get some of the alternative suggestions.

      My point was that there are some severely skewed images and expectations that men have to contend with as well.