Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Illusion and Lobby Boredom

Some work days I spend a lot of time alone. Today was one of those days. It's too cold for guests to want to hang out in the lobby and my coworkers were busy throughout the hotel. I do a lot of reading, dusting, tidying up. Today I found myself alone with this brand new navy Sharpie. I looked around the lobby for something I could draw on and found a newspaper. This resulted in some smelly fun because wow do those markers stink! Not the best poem but it was entertaining for a bit.


allegory illusion
achieve power
facsimile posed
backdrops, props
veracity bolstered
light bounces off the subject
travels through the lens
photographs with the power of truth
colorized cheeks blushed
velvet, silk and sequins
coat and turban
truth through fiction
combining faces
creating image
embodies truth
attention fixed on iconography
aesthetics draw
vibrant fronts
plain backs
heart endows speech and mind
writing follows the body
dangling patterns
recurring mantras
sacred syllables
writing forms sacred shapes
script peaceful
artists drew graceful reliquary
composition harmonious soothing vibrant
hand prints imbue power
pale as smoke
the enduring touch


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