Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blackfish and Promoted Tweets

This is the promoted tweet I was greeted with when I flipped to Twitter this morning:

 I was planning on writing about Gilgamesh and feminism and grief this morning. Instead I am posting this short post:

A message to Sea World - give it up. The world is changing. People are seeing the way we HAVE treated wildlife versus the way we need to treat wildlife and planet earth. People are waking up.

So stop. Find a different way to entertain folks and make a buck. Eventually your little shows of animal cruelty will go the way of people with hunchbacks in cages in freak shows. Humanity will catch up and find its heart.

This is the link to the entire thread of responses to this bit of failing propaganda.

When I worked at Walmart every meeting we ever had was held in the employee break room… except one. They took us to a fancy hotel, fed us finger sandwiches and taught us all the reasons unions could break down the corporation and make us all lose our jobs. Unions would make people demand better pay making it so that I would have to earn less pay. They force fed us finger sandwiches and selfishness that day. Propaganda is inflicted on employees no matter which company they work for. I'm positive the employees of Sea World were recently given finger sandwiches and a million reasons why Sea World is good for the animal kingdom.

And at least one of those employees quit their job today.

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