Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blogs, Books and Journals: A Post About Other Writers (and a couple artists)

A few weeks ago I began collecting links to blogs/websites of classmates, professors and alumni of Chester/NHIA. My intent was to simply link them on a sidebar here, and I still will but that's a project for a different day. For today, a dump of links for you to check out.

My friend over at Inciting a Riot wrote a book of poetry. It can be found here: The Playground. I haven't picked up my copy of it yet. I have read much of Don's poetry, however, so I'm really looking forward to it!

54 Devils by Corey Hutcheson is a book about the art and folklore of fortune-telling with playing cards. Corey also has a fabulous podcast about witchcraft and folklore.

It is largely agreed among his students (my wife and I included) that Eric Pinder is one of the kindest men you'll ever meet. He is a writer of children's books as well as poetry and nonfiction. I highly suggest "I'd Rather Be Riding My Bike." (One of these days I'll remember to snag a copy from you for my nephew, Eric!)

On The Deadliest Character Chris has readers vote who would win in a cross-universe battle of superheroes and fantasy favorites. This blog prompted a game of "Who Would Win?" between me and a fifteen year old boy last year that lasted for months! Chris is a student at NHIA.

I never had a class with Araminta Matthews, but she taught at the community college I attended before I transferred to NHIA. I recently picked up a digital copy of Blind Hunger and am hoping to start it this week.

Tim Horvath is the reason we ended up at NHIA. On "Accepted Student Day" at Chester College he sat at our table for lunch... or maybe we sat at his? I'm not sure which. But twenty minutes into a conversation about the story possibilities of the Desert of Maine Trisha leaned over to me and said, "this is definitely the school for us. We need to make this work." Of course, we lost Chester but we kept Tim! Check out his book, Understories. I'm a particular fan of Conversations, which got a Pushcart Special Mention this year.

Remember a few entries ago when I said that free writing in Jenn Monroe's poetry class changed the way I write? Meet Jenn Monroe. She is no longer teaching at NHIA but she and fellow former Chester/NHIA professor Chris Anderson (who was recently published on Spry Literary Journal) are the editors over at Daily Dose of Lit. Keep an eye on Daily Dose in January... *cough cough*

Meghan Carter is a current NHIA student who says she hates to blog. Hopefully she gets past that and keeps her blog up!

Greg Henry is a current NHIA student. On his blog he has interviewed Dennis Mahoney and reviewed a few literary journals. Another new blogger I hope sticks with it!

Photography of the Mind has photography, poetry, blogging and will definitely provide you some introspection and reflection time through the multiple stories appearing in Kenneth's art.

While were on art for a moment, check out my wife's Facebook fan page. Trisha brings life to paintings in a way that I rarely see.

Rachel Lieberman largely writes about writing and she has good tips and inspirational moments for writers.

On Sweaters Letters and Teacups Alyss has written some great book reviews, as well as some personal posts about writing, cooking, fashion... basically her blog covers wherever her mind goes.

Tower Journal publishes poetry, essays and short stories. The kind that you want to read a second time before that feeling passes. (I read a lot of these this morning.) Oh, and one of the editors is W.T. Abernathy.

Big Lucks has two Chester Alumni on the editing staff. There is online content, so enjoy some wonderful poetry and prose over there.

And if you want something a little on the lighter side: Marsupial Jones. Comedy that isn't for the kids. The Mission statement names it best: "Marsupial Jones tickles that part of your funnybrain that hasn’t evolved since you were chased by dinosaurs."

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