Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Topics and Thinking Like a Writer

Summer is almost here! Which means less writing essays and more blogging. I have been thinking about some new topics.

I have often been told that it isn't enough to just write. You have to think like a writer. To me this means that every situation is a chance to grow as a writer... Even the less than pleasant ones.

A few weeks ago I attended a hockey game. This is an activity at the top of my list of least favorites, right up there with cleaning the bathroom and shopping for bras. However, a special kid I know really wanted to go, so I took this opportunity to grow as a writer.

By the time I left the game my small notepad was filled with notes. Observe everything, right? The sticky floors (I don't dare ask what is on the bottom of my shoes now) and the drunken fans. I noted the energy in the room and wrote about the greasy food. Most importantly, though, I experienced something new. Something I may one day describe in a piece of fiction. All of these experiences are stores away for future use.

That's thinking like a writer.

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