Friday, June 10, 2011

Children and Dandelions

you may hate this plant
this stupid weed
with all of its
bright yellow friends
dotting your lawn
freckling its perfect
green landscape
you may loathe
this innocent plant
attacking it with
weedkiller and mower
but children see
something different there
they treasure this
beautiful flower
they collect a few
in tight bunches
grasp in tiny
grubby fingers
they present them
as gifts
small tokens of love
don't you dare discard
their previous offering
and the few flowers they miss
that remain overlooked
in your yard
will soon turn white
small puffs of fuzz
the children close
their eyes tight
and giggle with delight
as they send
those tiny seeds across the grass
so that later
they can become
more stupid yellow puffs
freckling your lawn

1 comment:

  1. Love it! My parents used to give me a penny for every dandelion I picked - great way to learn the value of a dollar! :)

    Although, I'm sure my husband would agree with the "stupid yellow puffs" part, lol!