Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day Back...

Classes start today after our long winter break. I got about half of my to-do list done over the three week hiatus from classes.

I've been sick the last two days. However, I have been learning a LOT because I've been watching National Geographic specials on my laptop in bed the last two days. So, random facts:

-Sperm Whales got their name from a white oily substance in their skulls called spermaceti
-There are likely some Bowhead Whales swimming our oceans today who were born during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.
-Herman Melville had a crazy life!
-Colossal Squids appear to grow in girth instead of length as they age, though no one knows for sure because only one adult colossal squid has ever been caught intact.
-Squids have really small oddly shaped brains.
-Hyena's begin mock sexual activity almost immediately after birth.

So there we go. Some weird little facts. I began to watch an awesome special on Buddha last night but I fell asleep so hopefully I can finish it later. Off to class!

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