Saturday, September 4, 2010

I survived

I have survived my first week of college. I have three hours of work this afternoon and then the next two days off. Planning on apple-picking, homework and spending time with the girl.

I'm really looking forward to almost all of my classes. Statistics isn't really much fun, but it could be worse. U.S. History I think is going to be a blast. It's Saturday morning and the teacher is very laid back and cool. My college writing teacher is a journalist and has the energy of someone who is a member of the press which makes class go by really quickly. And my Intro to Education teacher is hilarious. Incredibly good sense of humor and a lot of fun. I almost wish Monday wasn't a holiday because I don't get to go back to his class for over a week.

On that note, back to the books for me. I have a LOT of reading to do.


  1. What are you getting your degree in?

  2. I'm in liberal studies right now, because I'm at a community college that doesn't offer the bachelor programs I'm interested in. I think I want to get an English degree.